Saturday, November 17, 2012

Canon EOS Series

hi beautiful!

have you been so much interested in something that you really just wanna grab it and take it forever? :) HAHA. i did! in my case, a Camera! a DSLR Camera for that matter. ^__^

i have been a fan of photography for some reasons. reasons like:
1. I just love to do some of it myself.
2. It is soooooo cool to the eyes.
3. You see and witness what art is all about.
4. You can appreciate things in little ways with photography.

i think its all that. but all in all, the main reason that i really want a camera because i want to capture every moment of my life. especially my teenage life. :)

here is a table showing you the EOS Series Canon has ever produced. :)
Model (US)Model (Europe)Model (Japan)Release date
EOS 650EOS 650EOS 650March 1987
EOS 620EOS 620EOS 620May 1987
EOS 750EOS 750EOS 750October 1988
EOS 850EOS 850EOS 850October 1988
EOS 630EOS 600EOS 630 QDApril 1989
EOS-1EOS-1EOS-1September 1989
EOS 10SEOS 10EOS 10 QDMarch 1990
EOS 700EOS 700EOS 700 QDMarch 1990
EOS Rebel/Rebel SEOS 1000F QDEOS 1000 QDOctober 1990
EOS 10S commemorative kitEOS 10EOS 10 QDAugust 1991
EOS ElanEOS 100EOS 100 QDAugust 1991
EOS Rebel II/SIIEOS 1000FN QDEOS 1000S QDMarch 1992
EOS A2/A2eEOS 5EOS 5 QDNovember 1992
EOS Rebel XSEOS 500EOS KissSeptember 1993
EOS Rebel XNovember 1993
EOS-1NEOS-1N/1N HS/1N DPEOS-1N/1N HS/1N DPNovember 1994
EOS 5000EOS 888January 1995
EOS Elan II/IIeEOS 50/50eEOS 55September 1995
EOS Rebel GEOS 500NNew EOS KissSeptember 1996
EOS IX LiteEOS IX 7EOS IX 50March 1998
EOS-3EOS-3EOS-3November 1998
EOS 3000EOS 88March 1999
EOS Rebel 2000EOS 300EOS Kiss IIIApril 1999
EOS-1vEOS-1vEOS-1vMarch 2000
EOS Elan 7/7eEOS 33/30EOS 7October 2000
EOS Kiss III LNovember 2001
EOS Rebel XS NEOS 3000NCanon EOS 66February 2002
EOS Rebel TiEOS 300VEOS Kiss 5September 2002
EOS Rebel GIIMarch 2003
EOS Rebel K2EOS 3000VEOS Kiss LiteSeptember 2003
EOS Elan 7N/7NEEOS 33V/30VEOS 7sApril 2004
EOS Rebel T2EOS 300XEOS Kiss 7September 2004

and yes, all of them are soooo dreamy! :D

--ciao! ^__^