Tuesday, September 4, 2012

meet RURU! :)

hi beautiful! ^__^

Ruru Fernandez
(Rucette Grace Salvador Fernandez)

hi there! Ruru here! this article is going to make you know more about me. about my name, my family, what i do, and I i love to do! I hope you enjoy reading this! ^__^

Complete Name
Rucette Grace Salvador Fernandez

Prk. 12 Canaway, Tibanga, Lanao del Norte, Philippines
20 years old


23 April 1992

Gregorio Lluch Hospital, Pala-o, Iligan City, Lanao del Norte, Philippines

Current School
Adventist Medical Center College (AMCC)
(Formerly MSH- Mindanao Sanitarium Hospital)

Past Schools

  • Iligan City North I Central School- Elementary
  • MSU-Iligan Institute of Technology, Integrated Developmental School (IDS)- High School
  • MSU-Iligan Institute of Technology, School of Computer Studies (SCS)- College
Me! Me! Me!
I am just a simple Filipina girl with a big dream in life. Though every now and then i stop, watch and enjoy what really life is. since now i am still a college student, i just want to focus on my study, play my favorite sport (ultimate frisbee) and most importantly ENJOY LIFE!

--i am the second fruit of cecelia salvador (mom) and ruel fernandez (dad). actually the first one is rucelle mae salvador fernandez, my sister, my only sister/sibling for that matter. we have a 6-year gap. I don't know why my parents stopped on expanding our genes but either way i love it! :D

What I love!
i looooooooooooove Italiano! well, a few of them for that matter.

Italian Food! :* 
but as to where i am living and to what is my liking, i surely adore FILIPINO FOOD! :D

i also love sweets! like ice cream, fruit and milk shakes and of course, chocolates!


Nothing much about me.
I just want to enjoy life and live life to the fullest!

--ciao! :)

Ultimate Frisbee: Sports at its Best!

hi beautiful! :)
SomeThing to Enjoy??

For the last 5 months now, I have been so busy. Busy about what other than my studies? Guess what? :D 
Ultimate Frisbee! :D That's why! 

 At first I was just playing in a small field at the back of the school. Weeks later, an old friend (actually a classmate from my elementary years) ask me if I really want to play in a real tournament. I did not know what actually I would answer him because I never thought that they can get players as easy as that. 

I was wrong, he did not "just" ask me to play immediately in a tournament, he first made me engage in a training before playing in a real tournament here in the field where we usually play now, the Global Steel Corporation (formerly known as National Steel Corporation) Field. 

So, I survived the training, and learned a lot of things. I knew how to throw forehand and backhand. Also I knew a lot of terms like huck, endzone, layout and clap catch. 

My first tournament was the "March Attack" Tournament held at NSC by the UGA (Ultimate Green Archers), one of the best teams here in Iligan City. The team is also know nationwide. They have been playing the sport for roughly 6 years now. 

From that first tournament, I appreciated the ultimate frisbee industry. The thought of people saying "Hi!" without hesitance and the act of being friendly shown to you is very amazing! 

Take note, it was my first tournament! 

Awesome! I really thought to myself how nice it would be if I stay and enjoy the company of these people. Though the community is is huge that here in Iligan we have 32 teams, most of the players know each other and treat each and everyone generously as ever. NICE right? 

As time pass by, a lot of players have been so willing in teaching me as well as the other players on some techniques about the game. 

I hope you loved reading my blog. :D ciao!  

--ruru! :)