Saturday, September 15, 2012

Latest of 2NE1

hi beautiful! :)

The latest song of the world famous K-Pop girl group, 2NE1.
                                          2NE1 - UGLY M/V

See and how how nice K-Pop is! :D

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Super Junior on their feet with new Moves!

Aloowaa Beautiful! :)

Super Junior!

Here is the latest song of the #1 known K-Pop boy group.
                           Super Junior 슈퍼주니어_BONAMANA(미인아)_MUSIC VIDEO

See and be amazed by the groups best moves! :D

--ciao! :)

Nicki Minaj Fever!

Alooowaa Beautiful! :)

Who know's Nicki Minaj?? :) HAHAHA! of course you do! :)

Here to lighten up your day before you do anything else!

Nicki Minaaaaaaj! :)

                                          Super Bass (Official Music Video)


                                          Starships (Official Music Video)
Enjoy it Beautiful! :) 

--ciao! :) 

Katy Perry, You Want???

hi beautiful! :)

Katy Perry in the house babe! :) Go! Go! Go! 

here is what Katy Perry is getting busy with now. 
she is now giving her all and making things happen! :) 

                                          Katy Perry- Part of Me

Having fun?! :) There is more! See the Katy Perry- Part of Me Movie in theaters NOW! 
Go grab Katy Perry's attention! 

--ciao! :) 

Gangnam Style!

hi beautiful! ^_^

there has just been a very trending music video (again!) by the Korean's! The Oppa Gangnam Style! :) 
A cute music video done by PSY ft. Hyuna. (Hyuna is the Singer Girl from Bubble Pop). :) 

See this cute cute cute Oppa Gangnam Style Music Video! :) 

Enjoy watching this super hit music video beautiful! :) 
--ciao! :) 

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

hi beautiful! :)
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Victoria's Secret Angels are sooooo HOT! There is no wonder that i loooove watching their fashion shows! 
I love waiting every fashion show that they're doing and what motif they are in. 
Now I am going to show you the top fashion shows that Victoria's Secret made with my 4 favorite songs!   


VICTORIA'S SECRET Aquatic Angels! 


VICTORIA'S SECRET Angels on Club Pink!

So, I hope you enjoy what I have prepared for you! :) Thank You! 
--ciao! :) 

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Heels of your Dreams!

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Shoes, these are one of the things girls would definitely fall for, die for and never go out without..right girls? :) Today there are shoes that look very differently than the usually once we see on the everyday foot. Though these shoes are unusual, they are termed as FABULOUS and FANTASTIC!

The best shoes are the once that girls would definitely say "WOW!" over!

Say, how does these shoes look to you? :)

Gold with Glitters

Red Polka Dots

Baby Pink 

Black and White Polka Dots

Pink Orange Crisscross

Silver Drops
So girls? Aren't they gorgeous? adorable? fashionable? sensible? affordable? :)
Here, I am doing you a favor in making your dreams happen! :) here are some shoe stores that you can surely find the shoes above. :) go!go!go!

Go Shop Now! :) 

While or after shopping, here some pictures that will keep the urges in buying the heels of your dreams! I also love one for myself, but not for now. :) May be you can go get for yourself!  ^_^

Enjoy! :) 
--ciao! ^_^

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Fashion Shows and Ramp Models!

hi beautiful! :)
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modeling is one of the things i love to watch! :) simple looking ladies take the ramps by storm! 
they look simple but the way they carry the clothes they're wearing are spectacular! 

This serious looking girl is fabulous with this see through  dress. 
This normal looking city girl looks stunningly beautiful with her black and white hand bag.

A cute long top with a loose bright colored lower looks very well  while walking in the park.
A hot chic in an office suit is a very cute taste in  every working day.
Glide on air with this nice but simple hippie outfit.

Simply inspired by the sunset colors with a long loose lower. 

maybe you can pull this look off. you just don't know that you have this in your wardrobe! :) 
--ciao! :) 

Simple Pretty!

hi beautiful! :)
SomeThing to Enjoy??

Are you having a hard time making up your outfit for today? :) 
Try to see these simple pretty outfits that may suit your taste and maybe these are also on your wardrobe already, i just need to remind you. :) 


Try this as well for the coming winter days! :D

--ciao! :)

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Hair Fashion!

hi beautiful! :)
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How about some hairstyle? :) you want? :) 
See something interesting in this post! :) Cute and lovely braided hair and other hairstyles that you will really adore! :) 

Check it out cutesy! 

Love it! Live it! Learn it! 
--ciao! :) 

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Siquijor: Salagdoong Beach Resort

hi beautiful! :)
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After the game we had on Dumaguete City, me and my friends decided to have a side trip on Siquijor Island which is only a 1-hour ride on a fast craft from the port of Dumaguete. :) At first, I was hesitant because of the rumors that Siquijor has weird people living their. But still I committed and took the challenge of going to that amazingly wonderful and fantastic island. 

Sooooo, Siquijor? HERE WE COME! 

Of course, you need to first inform yourself with the all the amenities available in the resort. Here is what will welcome you in the front desk! 

 In the front desk we decided to get the the 1,600Php cottage. To get more details about the other hotel offers visit this site, Salagdoong Beach Resort- Resort Room Rates.

Have a great look at Salagdoong Beach Resort's lovely shore. :) and be in love. :)

I hope you can visit Salagdoong beach Resort and experience what I did there and the sweet accommodation the staff had given. :)
--ciao! :) 

Monday, September 10, 2012

Follow or Join!

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These are my blogs and i hope you FOLLOW and JOIN me in my everyday adventures!
i hope you will love reading my blog! :)

raawr: Youtubers

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Best Way to Relax? Spa! :)

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Just last Sunday, September 9, I decided to relax myself. So After going to church, I decided to find the place to do this relaxing thing. But the City is too crowded and noisy for this relaxing thing i was planning about. Not only I need to relax my mind but also my body.

I went around the city but there was definitely no place to stay and relax. Then it occur to me, "How about a Spa?" :) Good idea! :)

So I went to Body Line Spa. 

I availed the body spa...

..face spa...

..and foot spa.

I was well-accommodated by the staff starting from the front desk to the people in-charge for each service they are giving. The place was very relaxing indeed. There was soft music playing that surely relaxes your mind that perfectly goes with the solemnity of the place. :) 

In a very big city, there surely is a very solemn place somewhere that you can relax, like a spa. :) 

--ciao! :)