Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Heels of your Dreams!

hi beautiful! ^_^
SomeThing to Enjoy? :)

Shoes, these are one of the things girls would definitely fall for, die for and never go out without..right girls? :) Today there are shoes that look very differently than the usually once we see on the everyday foot. Though these shoes are unusual, they are termed as FABULOUS and FANTASTIC!

The best shoes are the once that girls would definitely say "WOW!" over!

Say, how does these shoes look to you? :)

Gold with Glitters

Red Polka Dots

Baby Pink 

Black and White Polka Dots

Pink Orange Crisscross

Silver Drops
So girls? Aren't they gorgeous? adorable? fashionable? sensible? affordable? :)
Here, I am doing you a favor in making your dreams happen! :) here are some shoe stores that you can surely find the shoes above. :) go!go!go!

Go Shop Now! :) 

While or after shopping, here some pictures that will keep the urges in buying the heels of your dreams! I also love one for myself, but not for now. :) May be you can go get for yourself!  ^_^

Enjoy! :) 
--ciao! ^_^


  1. they all look fantastic. i wouldn't be able to decide (►.◄)
    nice blog :D will follow

  2. Love shoes haha!! Thank you for the comment on my blog, will follow :)


  3. thanks for your comment! cant see you in my gfc followers though, can you make sure you followed? thanks :)

    1. hey, just followed you again! :)
      made sure this time. i hope you follow me too! :)