Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Siquijor: Salagdoong Beach Resort

hi beautiful! :)
SomeThing to Enjoy??

After the game we had on Dumaguete City, me and my friends decided to have a side trip on Siquijor Island which is only a 1-hour ride on a fast craft from the port of Dumaguete. :) At first, I was hesitant because of the rumors that Siquijor has weird people living their. But still I committed and took the challenge of going to that amazingly wonderful and fantastic island. 

Sooooo, Siquijor? HERE WE COME! 

Of course, you need to first inform yourself with the all the amenities available in the resort. Here is what will welcome you in the front desk! 

 In the front desk we decided to get the the 1,600Php cottage. To get more details about the other hotel offers visit this site, Salagdoong Beach Resort- Resort Room Rates.

Have a great look at Salagdoong Beach Resort's lovely shore. :) and be in love. :)

I hope you can visit Salagdoong beach Resort and experience what I did there and the sweet accommodation the staff had given. :)
--ciao! :) 


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