Monday, September 10, 2012

Best Way to Relax? Spa! :)

hi beautiful! ^_^
SomeThing to Enjoy??

Just last Sunday, September 9, I decided to relax myself. So After going to church, I decided to find the place to do this relaxing thing. But the City is too crowded and noisy for this relaxing thing i was planning about. Not only I need to relax my mind but also my body.

I went around the city but there was definitely no place to stay and relax. Then it occur to me, "How about a Spa?" :) Good idea! :)

So I went to Body Line Spa. 

I availed the body spa...

..face spa...

..and foot spa.

I was well-accommodated by the staff starting from the front desk to the people in-charge for each service they are giving. The place was very relaxing indeed. There was soft music playing that surely relaxes your mind that perfectly goes with the solemnity of the place. :) 

In a very big city, there surely is a very solemn place somewhere that you can relax, like a spa. :) 

--ciao! :) 

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